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What is it?

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What is it?

Post by Kioko on Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:28 pm

The Battle Against the Fog is a war against some creatures that have invaded this world. These creatures steal power, drain HP to 0, absorb Spirit Levels, kill, and kidnap people and turn them into Dark Warriors that are controlled by the Fog.

What is the Fog?
The Fog is a villain that is in the form of a smokey black cloud. He creates evil creatures to do his bidding. He cannot be defeated unless an army of spirit fighters ban together and fight.

What are Dark Warriors?
Dark Warriors are what people who are kidnapped by a shadow creature. They are made into mind-controlled fighters who kill their friends. They are later killed themselves. Only a purifying spirit attack can save them.

How can I fight them?
Spirit moves are the only way to fight them. If you have a powerful enough attack, you can defeat them.

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