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List of Shadow Creatures

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List of Shadow Creatures

Post by Kioko on Sun Jun 20, 2010 3:12 pm

This is a list of the shadow creatures, how strong they are, and what they can do.

Dark Warriors- They are weak-minded, evil, killing-machines. They kill their friends and are later killed themselves. They cannot be killed by spirit moves, but can be purified.

Hounds- They are black boney dogs. They bite to steal 5 Power. A spirit blade can destoy them.

Leeches- They are floating clouds that spark and cover your face and electricute you somuch so that you lose a spirit level. They cause you extreme pain and leave large burn marks. They do not let go until you scream loudly. They are extremely afraid of high pitch noises like screams. They cannot be destoyed with normal attacks because they are only mist. A strong spirit attack can destroy them.

Demons- They are powerful and masters of disguise. They lure their victim in and then kidnap them. They change them into Dark Warriors. It is impossible to resist their charm. (So if you do I will be mad! So don't!) Their weakness is that they can only lure in one person at a time, and the girls can only lure boys and the boys can only lure girls, so if you travel with a partner, you will be fine. Any type of spirit attack will destroy them and they don't fight. If the victim's heart belongs to a living spirit user whose level is 3+, they cannot be lured because there is a spirit veil around them.

Robots- They are very stupid machines and will try to attack. They used a shadow blast that allows them to completely drain a person of their HP. A spirit attack aimed at their heart will kill them.

Sirens- They are beautiful creatures. If you look at them your ideal match will be in their place. You will be instantly lured and will not be able to escape their charm (Again, I will be mad if you do because you won't for any reason at all! besides the ones I am about to state!). Once you are lured, they will either kill or kidnap you. You can only escape if youare in love with a living spirit user whose spirit lv is 4+, or you are a spirit user whose lv is 6+. They are hard to kill and you need a very powerful attack to do so.

If you kill many of the creatures, you will be able to gain spirit levels.

If you are killed, you can:
-Go to the spirit land
-Wait in the Land of Souls for someone to bring you back
-Share a body with a spirit user (their spirit level and yours will be combined but they will be in charge of fighting)
-Go to the Land of the Present and watch others
-Wander the world as a ghost (your spirit level will be 0 then and if you com back to life)

You can come back to life if you find a new body that is unoccupied (most likely that would be in the graveyard) or you are revived by a spirit user whose level is 7.

You can also gain spirit levels by training with a powerful spirit user.

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