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Post by Kioko on Fri Aug 06, 2010 5:17 pm

Here is where you can create challenges. Challenges will give you stats if you complete them or make them.

A new stat is gained here. It's called Fame. You recieve Fame points if you make a challenge (+3) and then if it's completed (+1 per completion) or if you complete a challange that you or someone else makes (points depend on the difficulty). Fame points help you in battle. Whoever has the most fame points at the beginning of a battle will start off. You can also exchange 15 Fame points for either 5 Hp or 5 Power of you can exchange 25 Fame Points for 1 spirit level.

Completing all challenges in an area will give you 10 Hp and Power

To create a challenge, you fill the template below and post it here.

DESCRIPTION: (What the person must do to complete it)
FAME: (How much fame is gained when challenge is completed. DO NOT FILL OUT!)
LOCATION(S): (This must be in the area you are in and on the Road. it can take place in a specific topic or there can be a choise or you can put something like "must be in at least 3 topics")
HP: (HP gained by completing. DO NOT FILL OUT)
POWER: (power gained by completing. DO NOT FILL OUT)
MONEY: (Money earned by completing. DO NOT FILL OUT)
TYPE: (Rescue, lost object, obstical [getting by something], physical [fighting or hard physical work], dare [somthing that is really weird or just funny], other)

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